“There is no wealth like knowledge, and no poverty like ignorance.”- Lord Buddha

We at the G H Raisoni International Skill Tech University, Saikheda believe and propagate the same. We comprehend the significance of knowledge. Thus, we have made sure to include in our educational pedagogies tools which make excellence possible. In this realm we have the E learning an indispensable part of our curriculum. This implies that perfect amalgamation of technology with education, making sure to provide complete knowledge ingestion for our students.

The following attributes govern our E-learning.

A Solution to All the Queries

There are always those instances, when the students intensely feel the need to recall a particular concept or keywords the teachers have explained in the class. This is really easy, once they are associated with the E learning. It enables the student to go through the entire concept with ease and comprehend it. It also gives another platform for asking queries and the solutions.

Better Accessibility

The students are provided with a login id for availing the lecture session as and when required. It offers them the complete picture of the lesson conducted with complete fineness and accuracy. They can access it from their Smartphone, laptops or the desktops and make the accessibility worth the effort.

Knowledge is a Never Ending Process

Students can learn consistently from the system with ease. Every word said in the lecture room by the Professor is recorded in the process. Thus, the student can take guidance from it rather seamlessly anywhere and anytime.


The library of our University has a complete compilation of books, reference books and journals. In order to provide our students with more benefit pertaining to knowledge ingestion, we also have a well stocked E-library for them. With the E library the students are able to avail information about all the topics round the world along with core understanding.


GHRU, Saikheda has always adopted innovative practices instead of traditional teaching learning. GHRU has adopted Moodle – A Course Management System as the teaching learning platform. Moodle short for Module Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment is a free and open source Learning Management System used world-wide for creating online courses and course Management. At GHRU faculties are using Moodle for course management and conducting online exams. Moodle has over 1500 plugins to enhance teaching and learning techniques.

Video Lectures

With this E learning tool the complete classroom teaching is recorded, which in turn can be availed by the students via mobile or web applications. This enables promising benefits to the students whether they have not been able to attend a lecture or want to clear some doubts. The lecture capture is with ease available on Smartphone, laptop or desktop.

We at the G H Raisoni International Skill Tech University, Saikheda ensures to make the students proficient with latest learning practices

Feedbacks For A Better Experience

This entire process is student-centric. After every video the students are entitled to give feedback in the form of star rating. This in turns enables the improvement of a particular lecture/procedure as and when required. For all the students out there, who have a hunger to gain knowledge, comprehend the concepts with excellence or be a part of the uninterrupted learning regime- this is just for you all.