All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind.

G H Raisoni International Skill Tech University understands the importance of research and development. Our Laboratory represents that. Lab Research is a systematic and sustained effort to create new knowledge, extend the boundaries of existing knowledge or solve problems. Lab Research is an activity that requires careful planning, designing and management. Students perform academic practicals in our highly modernized labs. It may also be considered a process that starts with an idea for solving a problem or meeting a need.

Ideas become evident only after research has been carried out on the topic concerned, and it should lead to some valuable results for more knowledge exploration. All our institutes make sure to nurture a research mindset among students to discover the explored avenues. Our Labs behold modern technologies to push innovation agenda in various fields such as Agriculture, Engineering, Pharma, Science and administration. We are taking care enough to provide all facilities to inculcate tomorrow’s technocrat and scientist.