Our Mascot Rawry

Introducing Our Mascot

"Come, shake hands with Rawry – "Our Mascot, Your Companion!

With the introduction of Rawry, GHRU takes pride in becoming the first Indian University to createa milestone with the introduction of a ‘Mascot’, meaning ‘Lucky Charm’.

To bring the concept to its deeper meaning and value, we dug harder and harder into the soils of GHRU to meet its core identity. This conclave with the soul of GHRU made us aware of the need and significance of a mascot and that’s where we put into spotlight ‘Our Mascot – Rawry’.

Shake Hands with Rawry in Your Second Abode

G.H. Raisoni University (GHRU) is none other than a second abode to many aspiring and enthusiastic learners. With open arms, unlimited possibilities, a bandwagon of learning opportunities, and a bag full of wonders, we at GHRU extend a heartwarming welcome to one and all.

Landing into the premises from different directions, different walks, and with different goals, one thing that will stay common to all is the warm, honest, positive, and friendly attitude of Rawry, awaiting at the doorway to make your venture to a new crossroad full of hopes and aspirations in are laxed and promising environment.

G H Raisoni University

Why Rawry

Harmonizing with the soul of GHRU, there was much we did explore in the depths. There were hidden pearls that stand as an epitome of our shining stars, there were corals that relate to the reputation we have gained in the education industry, there were giant whales that signify the hurdles we have faced all through our journey till date, there were trashes and unsustainablecreatures that blocked our way to success, and much more to mention.

With so much to experience all through the journey, the thought of choosing a mascot was a great challenge. And then we came the ‘Tiger with the name Rawry’.

When we talk about a tiger, we know that tigers are the most intelligent among carnivorous mammals with a high level of determination, confidence, and aggressiveness. When we talk about GHRU, we have always been active and aggressive in our approach towards providing quality education to one and all.

Also to mention that tigers are powerful swimmers who behold an incredible art of traversing lakes and rivers, flawlessly showcasing the core of GHRU that holds a unique ability to navigate through tides and storms with confidence and pleasure.

G H Raisoni University

There is nothing that could stop the university fromsoaring to new heights despite all challenges and obstacles on the way, just like the way a tiger keeps patrolling his territory to get what is best for him.

When we talk about the strength, power, leadership, and decisiveness of GHRU, what can prove to be a more promising option than a ‘Tiger Mascot’ standing as an epitome of power and strength. Not denying that a Tiger is a solitary animal, but when it connects with the Kimba, the RGI Mascot, and all the students whereas the staff of GHRU, the integration is most comforting and nurturing. Just a day to experience and you can bet on the same.

Connecting with Rawry

Connecting and interacting with Rawry within the campuses of GHRU is like integrating the freshness of relationships into the core of deep-rooted values. You enter the campus, and Rawry is there to greet you with open arms and a welcoming smile. He is a smart and intelligent reservoir of so many characteristics that when you connect with him you experience the warmth of a friend.

Yes, this mascot proves to be a wonderful friend on campus; a friend to share with you the joys and smiles; a friend to comfort you in distress and despair; a friend to play and dance with you; a friend to navigate with you in all the ups and downs; a friend just to be with you all through your journey in GHRU.

The young, empathetic, and dynamic Rawry is prowling to reach you as a cheerleader and a viable source of inspiration. He is there to stand with you to show he cares, he is there to engineer your life the way you have planned, he is there to tune with your dancing mood, he is there to be a part ofyour study schedule, and an important aspect of your life at GHRISTU during playful and mindful moments. Nurturing life in the most considerate way, Rawry will prove to be just your reflection when you step into GHRU.

"Rawry, your friend, is awaiting to meet you at GH Raisoni Interantional Skill Tech University!
G H Raisoni University